Decisions can be difficult. Especially when it comes to choosing the right flooring for your home. For decisions such as this, a good way to make the right choice is to compare all of the options.

Since there are so many flooring options to choose from, we’ve put together a quick and easy roadmap that outlines the merits of each different type. Whether you’re looking for an option that has the high-end look that you’ve always dreamed of or if you simply want a flooring solution that fits within your current budget, we have something for every style and situation. Here are the advantages of our most popular options:


  • Provides a natural look and is often seen as elegant and sophisticated
  • Offers advantages including broader style options (i.e. color & plank size) and can be used in areas where solid wood would pose challenges


  • Gives you the look and feel of hardwood or tile without the additional cost.
  • Is an excellent choice for high traffic areas, kids and pets and will work in about every room of the house.


  • Is made in a variety of wood and stone looks and many different color options.
  • Easy to install and great for DIYers. It can also be cut to fit unique room shapes.
  • Is an excellent choice for high traffic areas, kids and pets. It’s strong, waterproof and pet friendly but soft underfoot and easy to take care of and maintain.


  • Is soft, warm, and elegant, and it reduces noise and adds style.
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors, textures and fibers to enhance any living area.
  • Can be installed over many different kinds of surfaces.
  • Comes in stain-resistant and wear-resistant options that make it both family and pet-friendly.


  • Is available in a variety of sizes, colors and textures to create a unique and personal look for your room.
  • Can be used in combination with floor heating systems to add warmth to colder living areas.
  • Offers a distinctive look to your home.

Natural Stone

  • Is a rich, durable and timeless material. Whether it’s slate, marble, granite or quartz, a stone floor always makes a statement.
  • Is long lasting and great for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It also requires yearly maintenance and care.

At Bayat Floor and Home Interiors, our design consultants are equipped with the knowledge to guide you through the wide selection of products we offer, and our expert installation team is professionally trained to make sure everything gets installed the way you envision. We know your home is an expression of your sense of style, and we’re here to make sure you’ll be proud of it for years to come. Call 703-298-8876 for your free in-home consultation or visit one of our showrooms.

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